Was Steve Jobs Overrated


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I don’t want this video to be strictly pro- or anti-Steve Jobs, so we’re going to spend half the video covering different arguments from people who believe Steve Jobs was not overrated, and then explore the reasons why people think he he was overrated. And as you can see from the poll results, the majority of you guys thought Jobs was not overrated, and I think this comment from CouchHobbit provides a good reason why. He said “This man truly thought different. The imac, iPod, ibook, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and all revolutionized modern technology and the dude did it all because he tried harder than most people.” And I think that’s a very important point to remember when reflecting on Jobs legacy.

He didn’t just revolutionize one product category and quit. He continued to revolutionize as many industries as he possibly could, something your typical CEO would be lucky to achieve just once in their career. Because if you look back at how long he actually served as Apple’s CEO and tally up the number of product categories and industries he disrupted, you begin to understand just how impressive his performance as CEO was. He spent just 14 years as Apple’s CEO, and in that time managed to revolutionize computers, music players, music stores, mobile phones, tablets, and even animated movies during his time at PIXAR. And that’s a resume that virtually no other entrepreneur has come close to matching. So I think people who discount Jobs achievements are simply unaware of what exactly he accomplished, or they overlook those accomplishments and focus instead on the negative aspects of his personality, which we’ll cover later in the video. Was Steve Jobs Overrated
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