DELTARUNE Orchestrated - The Legend


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Added by MuhammadUmer
I hope toby fox can finish this game. Playing through chapter 01, I feel like the presentation and pacing is much stronger than Undertale. The soundtrack so far is catchy and memorable just like the original.

The Legend sequence in the opening lends itself to much gravitas. For the arrangement, I focused only on filling out the soundscape more. If there was one criticism I have of toby foxs music style, its that he can repeat phrases a lot without any variation. This is understandable, as his soundtrack is still very extensive, plus he makes the entire rest of the game too. To make each repetition of the theme flow better, I altered the last measure in each playthrough to transition better to the next phrase.

I didnt use any fancy instruments beyond the normal orchestral set. For the final section, I interpreted it as a quartet, and added the double bass and viola with their own parts to fill out the sound. All in all, the final product has a primarily medieval/classical tone to it. This was a bit challenging to do, as slower music is not my strong suit. I have to really work on the articulations and texturing for long notes so they dont sound too flat with the virtual samples.

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Arrangement and fan art by Jeremiah Sun

Original Song composed by toby fox
DELTARUNE Chapter 01 is currently free to download DELTARUNE Orchestrated - The Legend
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